3G Cameras with Wireless Link

3G with Domehawk IR

Designed in partnership with government agencies and security services, the 3G cameras are quick and easy to deploy on street furniture, buildings or other fixed structures. They feature weatherproofed IP65 rated casings that include a built-in DVR and COFDM transmission unit.

Users can access the wireless cameras from any remote location, with full PTZ functionality and 360 degree vision to view live or recorded images stored on the integrated DVR. Recordings can also be downloaded for review offline.

The range of 3G cameras includes Domehawk IR which features high performance IR LEDs enabling it to operate where no ambient light is available. The LEDs are automatically activated when the camera switches to black and white mode as light conditions change. To improve efficiency, the invisible IR beam moves with the dome camera to only illuminate the area that it is looking at – instead of attempting to floodlight the whole area. The Domehawk IR offers 360 degree, PTZ night vision at ranges up to 100 metres.

The 3G dome cameras have automatic fallback to HSDPA, UMTS and GPRS. They also include COFDM wireless transmission, allowing high-speed download to a Wi-Fi enabled laptop at distances of up to 100 metres. As an option, the cameras can also be equipped with H264 video compression with COFDM transmission, and UHF telemetry links. This enables good-quality, interference-free images at distances of up to 4km from broadband access points – without requiring line of sight.

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