ImageLock Video Scrambler

Imagelock encoder and decoder

ImageLock encoder and decoder units protect transmitted or cabled video images against unauthorised interception and are supplied either as unique matched pairs or as custom groups (such as one encoder to two or more matched decoders).

An encrypted ‘cut and rotate’ algorithm is used to scramble every line of each frame in a way that is fully reversible at the other end, providing the 128-bit encryption key is known. At a predetermined point along each line of video, a cut is made and the order of the two halves of line is swapped. Only a matched decoder knows where each line is cut, and how to return the line to its original state. Interception of the scrambled video stream results in an unintelligible mess on screen.

ImageLock devices are available as PCB modules or boxed units. Each has a small box with a handwritten number to denote its encryption key.

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