MUX multiplexer and demultiplexer MUX transmission path diagram

The MUX250 and MUX450 multiplexer and demultiplexer are innovative solutions from MEL Secure Systems.

MUX250 - enables two camera signals to be transmitted along a single path. The path can be cabled, wireless or fibre optic.

MUX450 - enables four cameras to be transmitted along a single path.

Applications include:

  • Expanding existing CCTV systems without increasing the fibre optic requirement
  • Reducing the annual rental of third party communications lines by consolidating the CCTV camera signal paths
  • Reducing civil engineering by not having to route new communications lines
  • Adding in receiver points for rapid deployment CCTV cameras
  • Increasing the range or footprint of wireless CCTV communications
  • Adding in bus lane cameras to existing infrastructure
  • Increasing the amount of monitors to existing installations

The units are supplied in enclosures with external BNC connectors and a 12-volt power connection. Installation is a simple process and requires no specialist knowledge.

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