Visualiser – Short-range Wireless Video Link

Visualiser transmitter

Visualiser "Visbox" is a range of affordable wireless video transmission links. Visualiser is ideal for applications where the laying of cable between the surveillance camera and the viewing point could cause a problem. It is ideal for low-cost temporary surveillance, covert surveillance and home security. the Visualiser link uses the 1.394 GHz UK licence exempt frequency and the international licence exempt frequency of 2.4 GHz.

The Visualiser Link can be used as part of a wireless CCTV system. It allows any composite video input to be transmitted to a receiver, which can then be connected to any standard monitor, DVR, multiplexer or quad processor.

Visualiser is available with a number of options – including a weatherproof transmitter for connection to any suitable video source, and series of covert and overt packages. These are available as low-voltage or battery-powered versions with options for audio and alarm trigger

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