COFDM Video Transmitter – Ranger

COFDM Ranger kit

The Ranger is a versatile COFDM video link with H264 compression. It is ideal for use in body-worn, covert applications or in fixed deployments.

The Ranger provides excellent distance and performance through its range of wireless transmission bandwidths, and it has increased spectral efficiency in the 2 MHz and 1 MHz narrow bandwidth modes. This is the narrowest bandwidth available in any comparable product. The use of 4 MHz or 8 MHz modulation at shorter distances gives broadcast-quality image definition.

The Ranger is particularly well suited to providing robust wireless video links in mobile and non-line-of-sight urban environments to a range of over 1 km. Ranges of over 40 km may be achieved in line-of-sight environments. Built-in AES 128/256-bit encryption ensures security – subject to export controls. Various frequency bands are available within 300 MHz to 8.46 GHz.

An optional PA booster allows the Ranger to transmit over 1 km in a non-line-of-sight environment – depending on mode and frequency.

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