Covert Operations Kit

Covert Operations Kit

Available as a complete kit, or in component form – the Covert Operation Kit provides a comprehensive solution for fixed or mobile covert surveillance requirements. Clean, secure video reception is assured with the Kit's COFDM video transmission, UHF telemetry transmission, and AES128 digital encryption.

The small size of the wireless covert cameras – especially the mini-prism camera – allows for easy concealment in both indoor and outdoor environments. Its integrated pan-tilt mechanism can be controlled remotely by wireless or link cable.


Both cameras feature an integrated pan-tilt head mechanism. They be used both indoors and outdoors. Wireless or wired remote control and video transmission methods are available for both models. The Standard Prism Camera a light-weight, cylindrical, remote control camera, and the Mini Prism Camera has been developed for covert and mobile applications in which a miniature pan tilt camera is needed..

Hand-held Controller

The Hand-held controller has a remote telemetry link to the cameras, and features joystick control and a built-in display screen. It has a wireless or cable link to the covert cameras.

COFDM Control Case

The COFDM control case receives up to four signals in the same or different frequencies and provides a telemetry link to the covert cameras. It has an integral 10.4” LCD monitor and 160GB DVR and can operate on 240v AC , 12v DC or internal rechargeable batteries.

Remote COFDM Transceiver

A wireless COFDM video transmitter and remote control receiver built into IP65 housing, ensuring reliability in all conditions. The prism camera connects to the transceiver unit, which transmits the video signal and receives camera control data from a wireless hand-held controller. Transmission frequencies in include 458MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz.

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