Four-channel Briefcase Receiver

Four-Channel Briefcase Receiver

MEL Secure System's Four-channel Briefcase Receiver is a rugged weatherproof case for receiving and recording digtal video data. It houses four COFDM diversity receivers, a 10.4” LCD screen.

  • Four-channel DVR complete with 80 GB solid-state Flash drive
  • Rechargeable battery back
  • Provides simultaneous reception and recording of four COFDM transmissions
  • Four H264 narrow-band COFDM receivers
  • Up to -105 dB sensitivity
  • Four selector switches
  • Four composite video outputs
  • RJ45 IP network connector
  • Charger input
  • Four signal strength indicators
  • Integrated antenna combiner/splitter
  • Two diversity antenna connectors
  • Optional high-gain antennas
  • L, S, C bands available from 1.1 to 6 GHz
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