New Domehawk Camera With 360⁰ IR Illumination And Built-In DVR

OCTOBER 2010 – MEL Secure Systems has expanded its range of rapid deployment CCTV cameras with the launch of the new IR Domehawk.  This fully ruggedised camera features built-in infra-red (IR) illumination and a 160Gb DVR as well as giving full 360 degree pan and tilt night vision at ranges up to 100 metres. 

IR Domehawk meets the needs of organisations wishing to monitor areas where there is insufficient lighting for traditional CCTV cameras.  It uses the latest advanced motion motor control hardware and software to deliver virtually silent operation and more accurate pre-set positioning.  Dual wide-angle, high performance 830nM IR LEDs turn on automatically when the camera switches to black and white mode as light conditions change.  The invisible IR beam moves with the dome to only illuminate the area that the camera is looking at instead of trying to floodlight the whole area.  IR Domehawk is also compatible with the latest generation of intelligent tracking systems increasingly being used in town centres.

Transmission is via COFDM Video and UHF Telemetry used enabling high quality, interference-free images to be received at distances of up to 4km without requiring line of sight.  IR Domehawk is available in 1.3GHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz bands and multiple cameras can be deployed within a single frequency.  It can also be used with IP networks and is compatible with all existing MEL rapid deployment kits.

According to MEL Secure Systems:  “The new IR Domehawk is lighter than the previous generation making it quicker and easier to install whilst meeting the increasing demand for energy-saving solutions.  It will make a significant contribution towards cutting crime and reducing the incidence of anti-social behaviour in a wide range of environments.”