IR Thermal

Domehawk IR Thermal

IR Thermal is a ruggedised CCTV camera that combines thermal imaging, infra red (IR), colour and mono lenses in a single unit.  It is the world’s first camera system to integrate these three technologies utilising FLIR TAU 320 thermal technology and will deliver total protection around the clock in harsh and challenging environments for a wide range of high security applications including government facilities and border control.

IR Thermal is a continuous rotation, ruggedised PTZ camera that is fitted with thermal imaging, IR and Day/Night camera modules.  It offers exceptional quality and reliability and it virtually silent in operation with 36:1 optical zoom and a 35mm Germanium lens to deliver high quality thermal pictures with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels whilst high performance IR LEDs give night vision at ranges up to 90 metres. 

The optically flat glass windows are distortion free, giving brighter and clearer images at higher zoom ranges, detecting human presence at over 1km in thermal mode, and allowing greater installation flexibility.  The camera also has a fitted wiper, with washer options, to clear any accumulated dirt and water enabling effective operation in the most adverse weather conditions. 

IR Thermal has exceptionally low power consumption and can operate from a 12 volt battery giving an operational life in excess of 200 hours before needing to replace or recharge the battery.  It can be operated from a control room environment, control case or hand held unit allowing for easy on-site setup and operation.  With full multi-protocol integration, it is compatible with most leading DVR's, Matrices and IP Systems.  

IR Thermal is IP67 compliant with a housing cast from hard anodised aluminium and powder coated to provide protection from damage such as scratching, oxidation or attack from solvents making it vandal resistant and suitable for use in most environments.

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