Mini Dome Cameras

Mini Dome with Football. Football is for size comparisons only

The Mini Domehawk is ideal for applications in which the rapid deployment of good-quality, fully functional temporary surveillance is required. Available in COFDM ISMfrequencies of 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, and 1.394 GHz UK licence-exempt frequency, the Mini Domehawk offers a cheap, flexible solution to users.

The Mini Domehawk is one totally integrated wireless system encompassing a good-quality wireless camera unit featuring 10:1 or optional 23:1 optical zoom, and 12x digital zoom facility. It features colour/mono switching and ultra-low-light frame integration mode. The Mini Domehawk is powered from a 240 V or 12 volt supply. Its set-up is menu driven, and offers a wide range of facilities including an on-board 160 GB DVR.

The telemetry receiver and video transmitter are integrated with the weatherproof enclosure. Waterproof connectors provide additional protection and safety. The Mini Domehawk controller is enclosed in a rugged weatherproof case, housing a COFDM video receiver, telemetry link, 10.4” LCD colour monitor, PTZ camera controls, rechargeable battery pack and video output for recording either to an external DVD/CD Burner/Recorder.

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