Rapid Deployment CCTV – Hawk Deployment Kit

Hawk Deployment Kit

The Hawk Deployment Kit is an effective wireless solution for rapid deployment CCTV. It uses COFDM or analogue ISM frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz are available, in addition to the 1.394 GHz UK licence exempt frequency.

The Hawk wireless camera is a vandal-resistant mici 400 – featuring 18:1 optical and 8 x digital zoom facility, colour/mono switching and an ultra-low-light frame integration mode. It has a robust pan and tilt unit for mounting onto the supplied tripod stand or bracket. Powered from a 12 volt supply, the camera set-up is menu driven and offers a wide range of facilities.

The telemetry receiver and COFDM video transmitter are housed in a weatherproof enclosure with waterproof connectors.

The Hawk controller is enclosed in a rugged weatherproof case incorporating the video receiver, telemetry transmitter, 10.4” LCD colour monitor, camera telemetry controls, rechargeable battery pack and video output for recording either to an external VCR or a PV1000 HD.

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