Super Hi-res Camera – High-resolution CCTV

Super Hi-res Camera

Designed to operate in all weather conditions, Super Hi-res is suitable for temporary surveillance. With its integrated tripod legs, the tactical model can be set-up in a matter of seconds. Once deployed, it provides 360 degree continuous coverage – and can read 4-inch-high letters at a distance of 1 km.

Using the latest in EMCCD technology, the day/night, low-light model provides excellent coverage in near-no-light applications. When your position cannot be compromised with active illumination, the long-range Super Hi-res thermal imaging camera is the model of choice. In area wide applications, a combination of Super Hi-res models ensures that you are have a high-resolution video picture when you need it.

Super Hi-res’s innovative motor drive system provides precise positioning control, allowing the operator to follow subjects even at the most extreme zoom settings. The slow-speed precision does not come at the sacrifice of high-speed panning, however: with a maximum speed of 35 degrees per second, the Super Hi-res can move quickly to video verify any automated alarms as required.

Using a number of concealment enhancements, the Super Hi-res can easily blend into its surroundings, making it the perfect long-range covert surveillance camera. With its extreme standoff distance, agents can feel confident that the deployed camera will not be detected when placed in well-protected neighbourhoods. The Super Hi-res can provide effective surveillance at up to half a mile from the target location.

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