VM Thermal Hawk

VM Thermal Hawk

The VM Thermal Hawk is a continuous-rotation, vehicle-mounted PTZ camera with a day/night and thermal imaging camera modules. It has housed in a vandal-resistant unit sealed to IP67 and it is designed to be installed in harsh and challenging environments – or areas where the camera unit may be liable to experience physical abuse.

The optically flat glass window is distortion free, giving brighter and clearer images at higher zoom ranges. This allows flexible installation in adverse environments whilst being reinforced to withstand substantial impacts from thrown objects. The window has a fitted wiper to clear any accumulated dirt and water enabling effective operation in the most adverse weather conditions. The dual cameras are cast from aluminium, then they are hard anodised and are powder coated to protect from damage such as scratching, oxidation or attack from solvents.

The VM Thermal Hawk has COFDM video transmission and a UHF telemetry link. This allows greater distances to be achieved, and provides encrypted security and a robust, noise-free signal. Frequency bands include 1.3GHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz in real time (low latency). Multiple cameras can be deployed within a single frequency. PAL and NTSC options are available.

Nine different protocols are loaded as standard, giving even more flexibility when using with existing installations. The wireless camera can be operated from a control room environment, control case or hand-held unit – allowing for an easy on-site set-up and operation.

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