Domehawk HD 2 - a mega-pixel CCTV camera

Domehawk HD 2

Domehawk HD2 incorporates the latest mega-pixel technology, with full pan, tilt and zoom, and provides enhanced recognition of suspects to meet evidential standards and reduce the incidence of anti-social behaviour in a wide range of environments.

A powerful day/night camera delivers compressed video streams with resolutions of up to 1920x1080 at full frame rate. The camera provides excellent contrast for use in low light conditions and has built-in digital noise reduction to minimise video interference and the triggering of false alarms. It also features video analytics and face detection to enhance tracking of suspects.

The mega-pixel technology used by Domehawk HD2 will deliver improved facial and number plate recognition to meet the evidential requirements of local authorities and law enforcement agencies. At a similar cost to standard definition systems, it provides an affordable solution for a wide range of security and safety applications.

Domehawk HD2 is also equipped with an onboard DVR with 500GB capacity. Recordings can be quickly and easily downloaded via Wi-Fi or 3G using a mobile phone, laptop or tablet computer. The camera is available immediately and can be specified with black, cream or grey casings.

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